About us


BRiTEN (Building Rural Incomes Through Entrepreneurship is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing incomes and improving livelihoods through interventions in Agriculture, Business and Environment. In order to do this, we work on bringing about a paradigm shift among the rural communities in conceiving of their livelihoods as going beyond providing for the family’s subsistence needs and moving into a business-minded frame of mind that harnesses competitive advantage


Our principal goal in Agricultural Interventions is to increase incomes and improve rural livelihoods for smallholder farmers by ensuring their integration into value chains while creating efficiencies for all other market actors. We aim at ensuring that the value chains are inclusive for women, men young men and young women.

Our Vision Mission statement Target Beneficiaries

We envision enhanced livelihoods through development of sustainable and inclusive value chains.

Our mission is to develop effective catalytic partnerships for market-based solutions to rural poverty


We work with the productive poor – women, men, young men and young women in rural areas to develop competitiveness that will lead to increased incomes and improved livelihoods. We target value chains in each of the areas of focus – Agriculture, Business and Environment to ensure increased incomes and improved livelihoods.